There’s no denying that thousands of Londoners take pride in the appearance of their homes, but it’s so easy nowadays for upholstery to get dirty. Your dog running in with muddy paws, an accidental spillage of coffee or a little one going wild with crayons are a few examples. Luckily, if your upholstery is a little worse for wear, rocking stains or you just generally want to spruce it up, you could benefit from a deep steam clean and professional cleaning services.

However, some people want to cut costs and attempt to go down the DIY route. Of course, you only want to attempt DIY with small messes. It’s definitely possible, but it’s imperative that you avoid using improper cleaning techniques otherwise you’ll risk ruining your upholstery altogether. You see, most of the obvious methods and common cleaning products will actually make the problem ten-times worse.

Plus, different strategies are needed for different pieces of upholstery; there is no one size fits all when it comes to cleaning. In order to do it correctly, it’s important to first recognize what differentiates them all. A leather sofa requires much more care and attention than your general carpet, but oriental rugs and Persian rugs require special techniques. There’s no need to worry, though, because we’re going to cover upholstery cleaning in-depth.

We’re also going to explain exactly how to go about cleaning different pieces of upholstery, so you can avoid making any critical mistakes that would result in further damage. Let’s get into it…

How to Clean Upholstery

So, you’ve got some upholstery with a nasty patch of dirt that you desperately want to get rid of, huh? Well, we’re going to talk you through some effective methods that you can adopt straight away…

  1. First of all, you’ll want to test any cleaning products before you use them, to check whether there’s any colourfastness or shrinkage. The best way to do that is to use a tiny amount in an area that isn’t visible, wait a short while and determine whether it’s safe to utilise on the rest of your upholstery.
  2. If you’re struggling to find a cleaning product, just create your non-toxic, water-based one. Grab some warm water, combine it with 1/4 cup of baking soda with soda water and mix with an electric whisk until it becomes a thick foam.
  3. Remove all of the cushions, vacuum the surface to ensure it’s smooth, then get a soft-bristled brush to rub your cleaning product into your upholstery. When you’re done, remove the foam with a spatula.
  4. Remember, too much water will cause shrinkage of your fabric and can actually enhance the stains. Once you’ve finished cleaning, wipe away all the excess with a clean cloth, and then allow it to dry thoroughly before putting cushions back on.

How to Clean Leather

The best part about cleaning leather, is that you don’t have to wait for hours – twiddling your thumbs – until the surface has dried completely. You can obtain a strong cleaner, get to work, then admire a shiny sofa…

  1. Like any other upholstery, you need to start by testing cleaning products. But, with leather, it may be best to dive straight into creating your own, as it takes minutes to make a solution that works brilliantly. All you need to do is add a tiny amount of moisturising soap to a damp cloth.
  2. When it comes to actually cleaning the leather, it’s a simple case of rinse and repeat. Wipe over the surface with the cloth that contains the cleaning product, use another damp cloth to wipe if off, then wipe over it again with a dry cloth. Keep using that process until all of the upholstery is clean.
  3. Once you’ve cleaned the leather, continuously vacuum the surface every couple of weeks to ensure it remains clean, and deal with any stains immediately. Remember, if you have any wet spillages, blot it with a paper towel; if you have any food spillages, remove with a spatula and apply a stain remover right away. To book a technician, call us directly on 020 3772 8698.

Additional Cleaning Tips

Right, we’ve covered general upholstery and leather, so now we’re going to provide you with some additional cleaning tips. Why? So that you have the knowledge to take proper care of all of your upholstery…

  • Cleaning frequency: If you have tiny messes that you can do DIY style, do so instantly. But, in terms of a deep steam clean, it’s advised that get one every 8 – 10 months
  • In between cleans, vacuum your upholstery to remove dirt, dust and allergens every couple of weeks
  • Never scrub a wet spillage, always blot with a paper towel to soak up most of the liquid
  • Always check the warranty before applying cleaning products, as going DIY may terminate the warranty
  • When hiring professional cleaning services, talk through your problem thoroughly first to speed up the process. Plus, ensure that the technicians are fully qualified and insured through valid institutions

Now, if you definitely want to go on a DIY journey and clean your upholstery yourself, you should be in a much stronger position to do so. But, if you want to place the responsibility in the hands of some specialists, then Cleaner Carpets could be the perfect option. Cleaner Carpets are one of the most affordable carpet cleaning services in London, which is exactly what we’re so proud of.

We never, ever compromise on our high standards, though, which is why we have a talented team of qualified technicians that possess a wealth of experience. We utilise eco-friendly detergents and have amazing expertise in carpet cleaning, rug cleaning and sofa cleaning. Moreover, we’re always available, so when you need us the most we’ll be there, and we’ll guarantee all the chemicals are safely applied.

Cleaner Carpets will leave your home when your upholstery is absolutely sparkling! If you have any further questions regarding deep steam cleaning and upholstery cleaning, don’t hesitate to give our office a call on 020 3772 8698 or email [email protected].

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