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Curtain Cleaning

There are many components of a fabulous looking home, and one of those is the type of curtains that you choose. However, curtains serve many more purposes, on top of adding to the aesthetics of your house. They also provide you with some valuable privacy, to ensure your home actually feels like a home.

In addition, they can block out bright lights from outside when you’re trying to sleep, and they can help to contain warmth inside the room. But, one downside to curtains, is that they can often be extremely difficult to clean.

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So, if you have any dirt or stains on them, you may struggle to remove it. As part of our carpet cleaning services, we can supply you with brilliant curtain cleaning that will put them back in tip-top condition.

Therefore, you won’t be required to face the challenges of cleaning the curtains yourself, and more importantly, you won’t be required to purchase new curtains. Just prolong the life of your curtains with our specialised curtain cleaning service. There’s no need to remove your curtains – we can clean them where they hang for your convenience.

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Mattress Cleaning

Despite there being so much information available out there, people still underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. Experts constantly advise you to aim for eight hours of sleep per night. That’s what would allow your body to thoroughly recover from the demands of life, and then perform optimally the next day.

However, for a variety of different reasons, a large percentage of the population get much less than the recommended eight hours on a regular basis. But, something that could contribute to a much better quality of sleep is your mattress. Of course, you want a mattress that is comfortable, but you also want it to be spotlessly clean.

Typically, mattresses collect a lot of bacteria and bed bugs which aren’t beneficial to your body, and may actually prevent you from getting the sleep that you need. So, if you’re struggling to get to sleep at night, why not utilise our deep steam cleaning?

Cleaner Carpets’ power steam mattress cleaning not only extracts dirt, but also removes allergens and kills microscopic bacteria for a healthier night’s sleep. Following our specialist cleaning, you’d instantly notice a positive difference, and you may well find yourself being able to get the magic eight hours of sleep.

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