Carpet cleaning methods have advanced over the years; there are now a variety of techniques to choose from but it’s worth bearing in mind that not all carpet cleaning methods achieve the same results.

If you’re planning to invest in the services of a professional carpet cleaner, it can be helpful to know more about the techniques used and any key differences between procedures. Keep reading to find out more about each method so you can make an informed decision when it comes to finding the best carpet cleaning services for you.

Carpet shampooing

What is carpet shampooing?

As the name suggests, carpet shampooing requires an application of shampoo to the carpet, which foams up like regular shampoo when worked into the fibres of the carpet.

How does carpet shampooing work?

A special solution is applied to the carpet requiring cleaning, either by hand or via a machine, and the shampoo is worked into the carpet by an air compressor or by a rotating bristle brush, agitating and lifting the dirt from the top layer of the carpet. The shampoo is usually left to take effect for a period of time before being vacuumed up.

What are the results of carpet shampooing? Carpet shampooing is not thought to be effective at removing dirt beneath the very surface of the carpet and most machines do not achieve the high temperatures necessary to fully extract debris and stains. Use of a rotating brush in this way may damage the carpet fibres.

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning

What is hot water extraction?

The hot water extraction carpet cleaning method uses a special machine to clean deep into the carpet pile using hot water and detergent.

How does hot water extraction work?

Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is carried out using either a portable appliance or a large unit with a hose, which applies detergent diluted with hot water to the carpet in question and sucks up the solution using the machine’s vacuum mechanism.

What are the results of hot water extraction?

The results of hot water extraction carpet cleaning can vary; this method is known for cleaning deep down into the carpet fibres but cooler temperatures aren’t as effective at removing dirt. Drying times can be lengthy.

Steam carpet cleaning

What is steam carpet cleaning?

Steam carpet cleaning uses the power of hot steam to extract dirt and impurities from carpets in a similar but usually more powerful way to the hot water extraction method.

How does steam carpet cleaning work?

Using a specialised machine, steam carpet cleaning works in much the same way as hot water extraction – the difference being that hotter temperatures of up to 110 degrees C are used, creating the steam. The solution used to clean the carpet is vacuumed up afterwards.

What are the results of steam carpet cleaning?

A combination of hot temperatures and effective detergents ensure that steam cleaning clears dirt from carpets – even deep down. Use of professional equipment can reduce drying times.

Dry carpet cleaning

What is dry carpet cleaning?

Also known as waterless carpet cleaning, dry carpet cleaning involves little to no moisture; instead, chemicals are used to clean the carpet.

How does dry carpet cleaning work?

Professional grade cleaning agents and solvents are mixed together and spread over the carpet. The powder is then worked into the fibres with a machine and left to set on the carpet for a period of time, before being vacuumed up.

What are the results of dry carpet cleaning?

Dry carpet cleaning is a very convenient technique as no drying time is required. The method is useful for cleaning surface soiling and can be completed quickly.

Now you know all about the various carpet cleaning methods available, you can choose which technique is most appropriate for your needs.

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